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The Post-Pandemic Business Playbook provides customer-centric based guidance for how businesses should adapt to the post-pandemic new customer and economic reality.

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Praise for The Post-Pandemic Business Playbook

"A perfect mix of research, theory, and real-world examples that can be used as a toolkit to help businesses adapt and grow."
Gai Le Roy, CEO, Interactive Advertising Bureau Australia
"Mintz provides a masterful consumer-centric perspective on how the COVID pandemic led not just to hardships, but also to opportunities. Some businesses have collapsed while others have thrived. All businesses have a better chance of success if they read The Post-Pandemic Business Playbook and adopt a consumer-centric approach to their market."  
David J. Reibstein, William Woodside Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
"A must-read to help reengineer our paradigms and provide businesses the toolsets to compete in today’s globally-connected, digitally-fueled, hyper-intimate competitive environment."
Laura Anderson, Chairman of OneGlobalVenture, technology entrepreneur, future industries advocate, and Founder of “The Future OF”, “Empowering the Future” & “You are the Future” Awards ​

In This Book

  • Actionable, easy-to-employ recommendations 

  • Strategies to capitalize on the opportunities to grow in the post-pandemic economy

  • The COUNTER COVID framework for everyday tactics for how to adjust to customers changing behavior

  • Mini-case studies / profiles from a mix of B2B and B2C firms, large and small organizations, and developed and developing countries

Business Graphs

Insights Derived From

Earth Projection

Hundreds of
best practice examples from over six continents

Job interview

Interviews with dozens of businesses and customers from over 20 countries


Analysis of over a thousand academic research studies

About the Author


Dr. Ofer Mintz is Associate Professor of Marketing and Associate Head (External Engagement) of the Marketing Department at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Business School, and Visiting Associate Professor of Marketing at the Coller School of Management at Tel Aviv University.

Ofer is also the CEO and founder of Customer Centric Solutions. 

Ofer's research focuses on marketing strategy / analytics, digital marketing, the role of marketing in startups, and firm and marketing strategies during the COVID-19 era. Ofer has presented invited research talks on five continents, published research in leading academic and managerial journals, and had his research awarded the 2021 Marketing Science Institute's Buzzell Award (and honorably mentioned for the 2019 Buzzell Award) for greatest impact to practice and theory over a two-year period.

His research has been published (or forthcoming) in leading academic journals, such as the Journal of Marketing, Marketing Science, Journal of International Business Studies and International Journal of Research in Marketing, and in leading managerial outlets, such as the World Economic Forum, Forbes, WARC, CMO Australia, Mumbrella, Management and Business Review, and Harvard Business School Working Knowledge.


Ofer is active in many academic and managerial endeavors involving marketing analytics, digital marketing, and start-up firms. In 2019, Ofer was an invited delegate on an Australian Trade Mission on Innovation to the USA co-led by Tesla Chairwoman Robyn Denholm and Boeing APAC President Maureen Dougherty that led to an opportunity to visit and talk with executives from leading tech firms in the Silicon Valley and Seattle regions. Further, Ofer has been a judge for the Australian Junior Space Design Competition and been a UTS representative for an Israeli-Australian business network delegation that involved the President of Israel.

In addition, Ofer is quite passionate on teaching his award-winning digital marketing and marketing management subjects that have previously been highlighted by the media.

Watch the Book Launch Panel

Please feel free to watch the launch panel, hosted by UTS, that features:

(i) Dr. Mintz
(ii) Cara Morton, CEO of Cover-More Group
(iii) Jane McNally, CEO of
(iv) Gai le Roy, CEO of IAB Australia
(v) Dr. Prabhu Sivabalan, Associate Dean of the UTS Business School (as the moderator)

Learn how to generate growth through customer-centric strategies and everyday tactics

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  • Understand how and why COVID-19 caused customer behavior to change and result in one of the greatest economic recessions we have witnessed

  • Leverage knowledge of customers behavior into opportunities to grow

  • Employ the COUNTER COVID framework to better cater to customers changing behaviors

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