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Customer Centric Solutions by Ofer Mintz, PhD --- a global expert in marketing, strategy, and innovation

Helping your firm attain growth
in the post-pandemic economy

Consulting and Training

We look forward to providing novel consulting and training services to enable your firm to workshop through actionable, easy-to-employ, and effective customer centric solutions

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Speaking Appearances

We look forward to speaking to your firm, industry association, or non-profit on the importance of customer-centric solutions for the post-pandemic new customer and economic normal 

Press and Media

We look forward to contributing to the press about post-pandemic business strategies, marketing analytics, and customer centric solutions


Dr. Ofer Mintz, Founder and CEO
  • A recognized global expert in business strategy, marketing analytics, and innovation
  • Associate Professor and Associate Head (External Engagement) of the Marketing Department, and Research Associate at Australia-China Relations Institute  at the University of Technology Sydney
  • Author of "The Post-Pandemic Business Playbook: Customer Centric Solutions to Help Your Firm Grow"
  • Dual American-Israeli citizen and Australian permanent resident

Customer Centric Solutions was formulated by a desire to help firms adapt to the post-pandemic new customer and economic reality. 


The COVID-19 pandemic changed what, where, when, why, and how many customers around the world purchased their products. This resulted in an opportunity for firms unlike any other in most our lifetimes.

Customer Centric Solutions provides firms guidance on how to capitalize on this opportunity. Our unique approach provides tailored solutions for your firm based on our analysis of over a thousand academic research papers, review of hundreds of best (& worst) practices from six continents, and interviews with dozens of customers and firm from over 20 countries. 

  • "A must-read to help reengineer our paradigms and provide businesses the toolsets to compete in today’s globally-connected, digitally-fueled, hyper-intimate competitive environment."
    • Laura Anderson, Chairman of OneGlobalVenture, Founder of “The Future OF”, “Empowering the Future” & “You are the Future” Awards
  • "All businesses have a better chance of success if they read The Post-Pandemic Business Playbook and adopt a consumer-centric approach to their market."
    • David J. Reibstein, William Woodside Professor of Marketing,
      The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • "A perfect mix of research, theory, and real-world examples that can be used as a toolkit to help businesses adapt and grow."
    • Gai Le Roy, CEO, Interactive Advertising Bureau Australia
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